Fee Structure

            Admission 2021-22
Admission 2020-21 
1.      The year is divided into two semesters, viz.,     1st Sem – (June to October 31)    2nd Sem – (November 1 to March 31)
2.      Fee for the whole Semester will be levied from the students who leave the College without completing the Semester.
3.      Each instalment of fees shall be paid on the date notified in the college calendar/notice board. All cash transactions in the office will be closed at 2.30 p.m.
4.      Any student seeking admission shall have to pay the prescribed fee before his/her name is enrolled. No student shall be enrolled after the beginning of a semester unless he/she has paid all the instalments of fees from the beginning of the semester.
5.      A receipt signed by the cashier shall be issued for every payment made, which the student shall preserve and produce whenever required by the Principal.
6.      Mistakes, if any, in the receipts issued for payments made should be pointed out, then and there, and get corrected on the spot. Complaints made later will not be entertained.
7.      Tuition fees will be collected in convenient instalments; the first instalment including the special fees prescribed will be collected at the time of admission. The first instalment will be collected from students of senior classes within a period of seven consecutive working days commencing from the re-opening of the College after the summer vacation. Particular days will be allotted to each class.
8.      Subsequent instalments beginning from August to February shall be collected on or before the 7th consecutive working day of the month. Particular days will be allotted to each class.
9.      If any student fails to pay the fees or special fees on the due dates, he/she shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 5/- along with the fees on or before the 10th day after the due date. If the 10th day happens to be a holiday, the next working day will be counted as the10th day.
10.  If the fee with the fine of Rs.5/- is not paid on or before the tenth day after the due date, an additional fine of Rs.5/- will have to be paid and the fee and fine should be paid on the eleventh day after the due date. Rs. 50/- will be imposed as re-admission fee from those who fail to remit the tuition fee before the last opportunity given for payment.
11.  The students, who fail to settle the dues to the college till the last date prescribed, will not be sent up for the University Examination or promoted to the next higher class as the case may be. The last opportunity for clearing one semester will be at the date previous to the due date for the succeeding instalment. A student will be admitted to the second semester only if he/she clears the dues of the first semester before the commencement of the second semester and so also to the third term only if the second term dues are cleared.
12.  Every student is liable to pay the prescribed fee for the whole semester, if his/her name is on the rolls of the college, no matter he/she attended only a part of the semester.
13.  The Caution Deposit at the rates prescribed is to be paid on admission. Refund of caution deposit may be applied for along with the receipt of the same on completion of the course or on leaving the college on transfer certificate. The caution deposit will be refunded usually on Saturdays after adjusting dues, if any, on cancellation of identity cards. Caution deposit remaining unclaimed after six months of the due date will be forfeited.