Fee Concessions/Stipends

            Admission 2021-22
Admission 2020-21 

1.      Students belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, O.E.C. including Kudumbis and converts from them are eligible for full fee concession, lump sum grant for purchase of books, actual boarding and lodging charges in College hostels or other Government Hostels or monthly stipend at the rate fixed by the Government from time to time. (This concession shall be granted by the Department of Development for Scheduled Castes and Tribes on proper application with necessary certificates and have to be submitted at the prescribed time, to the Harijan Welfare Department through the Principal.)

2.      Harness Fee Concession:- Students who are children of Kerala Government servants who died in harness or within six months after retirement will be eligible for full fee concession for one year in each class, subject to their annual family income.3.      Educational Concession to the Children of Political Sufferers:- Award to the children and grandchildren of political sufferers provided the annual income does not exceed Rs. 15,000/-4.      Poor students who are bonafide subjects of Kerala State are eligible for full fee concession as per Kumara Pillai Commission Report (KPCR).5.      Scholarships/grants availed by those students in the SC, OEC, OBC, SEBC and FC communities and under KPCR can apply online and check the status of their grants/stipends etc. in the website: